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Prices and Packages

Prices are on the hot weight.  This means carcass weight before cooling, cutting and deboning.  Prices do not include cutting and wrapping.  Meat can be delivered to butcher of your choice or it can be cut & wrapped at the Moses Lake plant.  Delivery is free to Metropolitan Seattle areas.

1/2 beefalo - $4.29 /lb. All cuts in front and hind quarters included.  (approximately 375 - 500 lbs.)  Fits in most chest freezers easily.

Front 1/4 - $4.55/lb.  (roasts, hamburger, and some steaks)  Chuck blade, chuck clod, ribeye, short ribs, skirt steaks  (approx. 180 - 250 lbs.) NOT AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME

Hind 1/4 - $5.29 /lb. (steaks, some roasts and some hamburger)  Top round, bottom round, round roast, top sirloin, sirloin tip, short loin (t-bones or new yorks), flap meat, flank steak, tenderloin, tri tip.  (approx. 180 - 250 lbs.)

Front 1/8 - $4.99/lb. (half a front quarter)  (approx. 90 - 125 lbs.)  Fits easily into most refridgerator freezers.  NOT AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME

Hind 1/8 - $5.99 /lb.  (half a hind quarter)  (approx. 90 - 125 lbs.)  Fits easily into most refridgerator freezers.

*Special Cuts - Ask (sometimes available).

Cutting and wrapping is available at the plant.  Paper wrap is $.60 per pound.  Cryovac is  $.85 per pound. It is better to prevent freezer burn and is great for quick thawing. 

OUR TOLL FREE LINE IS: 1.800.992.4706 or Local 509.968.3132  

Hours:  7 a.m. - 9 p.m.  Pacific Standard Time

For inquiries or orders after hours please email us:
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